・30 minutes ride from Kushiro, by train or car

・50 minutes ride from Kushiro airport

*Rental car companies are lined up beside the airport.
You can check the information from here,
*If you are taking bus and train to our hostel, it takes 90mins.
(Please be noted that railways are only 7 round trips a day. If you do not want to miss railways, check the time schedule carefully please.)

Here is how you can get to Kushiro city from the airport;
You can check our hostel’s nearest Toro station information from below;

Using Railway:

・One minute and only 100m walk from JR Toro Station.

・Takes 30 minutes from Kushiro station

Please check the time and schedule carefully; below is the JR Hokkaido’s Operration


Using Car:

・On the route 391, Toro area has only single traffic light. Please make your way to Toro
station and go straight ahead until the end. If you make right, then you will find our hostel.

・Takes 60 minutes from airport, 30 minuets from Kushiro-city, and 60 minutes to Lake Mashu& Kussharo, 90 minutes to lake Akan.

*When searching our hostel, you might not be able to find the hostel through car navigation or so. Please google “Kushiro Marshland Hostel THE GEEK”, so you can find us.

Below is the information about us just in case.

*If you are coming by car, please be careful to the animals and aware that Yezo-deer are coming out to the road from middle of nowhere especially in the morning and evening for their supper.


North 7-49-43,Toro, Shibecha,Kawakami District Hokkaido 088-2264 Japan