What is “THE GEEK” ?

Hostel surrounded by Japan’s largest marsh, Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park.

“Kushiro-Marshland Hostel THE GEEK”, is the place where you can immerse yourself in what you love, relax with the picturesque scenery, experience diverse outdoor activities and enjoy the real local foods from farmers and fishermen.


THE GEEK’s Activity

We offer diverse activities as follows, canoeing, horseback riding, Finnish Sauna, camping, fishing, road-cycling, shooting rare railways, or birdwatching etc…



Events & News

Despite hostel is located almost centre of the Kurhiro-Shitsugen, it is only 30 minutes ride by car or train from Kushiro and takes less than an hour from Kushiro airport.

With that said, you also have easy access to Tokyo or Osaka with reasonable price, direct flights from Narita, Haneda, and Kansai to Kushiro airports are opened (approximately 1hr&30mins).


A drive up along a winding mountain and riverside roads is the prologue to the Toro, backwoods of Kushiro in East-Hokkaido. Town covered by a dense abundant green welcomes the visitors kindly and unwind from the stress naturally.

We, THE GEEK, want to provide the relaxing space for people to spend their days pursuing their passions, whilst also give undisturbed and tranquil time to deliberate on philosophy of life or new sense of value.


Born in Takaraduka, Hyogo, and grew up in Yokohama until 15.

Spent 3 years in Swiss boarding school and experienced once in a lifetime event.

After the high school years, learnt deeply about Sociology and Development studies, then got a Bachelor of Arts in International Liberal Art at Hosei University in Tokyo. While 5 years of collage time, spent a year at University of California, Davis as for study abroad program.

For the postgraduation, worked 4 years in a global leader in cybersecurity as a sales manager for major enterprise in industrial sector. Soon after leaving previous company on 31th of March, 2020, started hostel management and founded THE GEEK Co., Ltd. on 7th of July, 2020.