Outdoor activities with great nature

Please pursue your passions and appreciate the chance fully.


Toro Station is the train mecca and place for “the railroad buff”.
Touring Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park with only Summer railway, or Winter Season’s one and only steam locomotive in Hokkaido. Our hostel is the best spot to take the best shot.


Canoeing is another mecca here in Kushiro. Kushiro river which originates from Lake Kussharo flows windingly inside Kushiro-Shitsugen and converge Kushiro harbor in the end.
Canoeing this river must be unforgettable experience, for you can meet the real nature.


Is that an Upper-Class activity? NO!
You can enjoy and explore vast ranch of East Hokkaido on horseback with lunch box with reasonable price. First-timer is also welcome.

Finnish Sauna

Toro is the Japan’s coolest area in Summer, located in East Hokkaido. The climate is very similar to Finland, the mecca of Sauna. There are only few days which becomes above 30℃ in Summer, while temperature goes easily below-20℃ in Winter, and so is the best place for the Finnish Sauna.


Once a trend, and now again camping is huge fad in Japan. If you open any SNS, you see those posts or comments about camping without having any difficulty. Tags for camper, solo-camp, camping-girl and so on can be found on the internet everywhere. Here in toro, you can do camping for sure, and also the auto-camping.



Here comes another mecca, Fishing. There are many rivers and lakes you can do fishing. It is said that Legendary fish, Itoh, also inhabits some of the lakes.

Birdwatching etc

Bird-watcing is another activity you do not want to miss. Starting from a Special National Monument such as Tancho also known as Red-crowned crane, another national monument, White-tailed eagle and Steller’s sea eagle, and endangered species such as Latham’s snipe… there is no ending once you start listing those natural birds. The so-called display flights coming from the small body of Latham’s snipe is quite mind- blowing.